The Truth is Not Out There

How the Media is Letting Down Football

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Since the inception of the Premier League in 1991, football has become progressively less competitive. A league that once proudly boasted to be the Best in the World has become little more than a vehicle for selling TV subscriptions, replica shirts and corporate boxes.

A declining situation was exacerberated further with the introduction of the insipid Champions League, another money making exercise for executives who could spot a market that was already cornered when they saw one.

FIFA, whose motto is ironically For the good of the game, rather than act to protect it, simply hitched their wagon on the back of the gravy train, and its been a downhill ride ever since.

What we needed was a strong and independent press to highlight the rape being perpetrated under our very noses, not to mention the pillaging taking place inside our wallets.

What we got was condescending sensationalism. The free press were just too busy selling their souls to Rupert Murdoch and NI empire to do much actual investigative journalism. Rather than search for the truth, they simply towed the line and peddled the myth that 'Football has never been so good'.

No doubt it made their free lunch far more palatable. It's hard to sit up straight when you haven't got a spine though.

So instead of Woods and Bernstein exposes, we get Grand Slam Super Sunday and Deadline Day Transfer Coup For the Hammers.

They should be ashamed. They had a chance to make a difference, but they were too greedy to take it.