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Capacity Planning

Load testing a website should be undertaken proir to deployment where possible. This can help to dtermine what hardware specifications are required in order to meet current performance expectations and allow for an increase in demand. This involves setting up a simulation of expected website usage which involves

Automated tools such as JUnit are available to help with this process. Transaction Cost Analysis can be used to estimate how many concurrent users a given hardware configuration and platform can support.

Performance Monitoring

Server logs provide information regarding HTTP requests and can be configured to capture specific information e.g.

Tools can automate analysis of this data to show failed requests, documents not found, access errors etc which may indicate areas requiring re-organisation. Frequent repeated requets from the same source may indicate a Denial of Sevice attack

Operating system monitoring tools can be used to measure system performance as a whole e.g. processor utilization percentages, disk capacities and input/outputs

Some problems such as memory leaks can only come to light after prolonged periods of use.